Colour My World Therapy Services

Our Mission

At Colour My World, we are dedicated to a mission that centers around the empowerment, support and inclusion of neurodivergent individuals within our society. This mission shapes our goals and directs our daily activities. Our objectives are more than just targets; they are the principles that guide our strategies, focus our resources and help us evaluate our impact.

The objectives outlined here represent our commitment to the neurodivergent community and embody our core values.

  • To empower neurodivergent individuals and their families through collaborative, personalized therapy and support services, thereby promoting their ability to thrive within the community.
  • To foster a community network for and with neurodivergent individuals and their families, encouraging shared experiences, mutual support, and collective celebration of neurodiversity.
  • To collaborate with neurodivergent individuals in advocating for their autonomy, rights, and full inclusion in all aspects of society, ensuring they have equal opportunities to contribute to and participate in community life.
  • To integrate intersectionality in all our activities, ensuring our advocacy, education, and services respond to and respect the diverse identities and experiences within the neurodivergent community.
  • To engage with and educate the public, professionals, and policymakers about neurodiversity, promoting the recognition and appreciation of neurological differences and challenging neuronormative standards.
  • To co-create and provide educational programs and resources for and with neurodivergent individuals, their families, and caregivers, enhancing community understanding and support.

These objectives reflect our dedication to creating a world where neurodiversity is not only understood but also valued and nurtured.

The Rationale Behind Our Objectives

In establishing Colour My World, we recognise a significant gap between the services professed to be neurodivergent-friendly and the reality experienced by those they aim to serve. Too often, services touted as inclusive fall short, adhering to rigid, neurotypical norms that overlook the true needs and potential of neurodivergent individuals. Our objectives are crafted to address these shortcomings and to champion a paradigm shift in how services for neurodivergent individuals are designed and delivered.

Embracing Neurodiversity

We believe in embracing neurodiversity in its full spectrum. Services should not merely pay lip service to inclusivity but should actively recognise and celebrate the differences in neurodivergent individuals. Our commitment is to create environments and interventions that appreciate these unique ways of interacting with the world.

Empowerment over Conformity

The prevalent model of ‘fitting in’ often coerces neurodivergent individuals to conform to neurotypical standards, which can be counterproductive and diminish their sense of self. Our focus is to empower individuals by providing services that bolster their strengths and encourage self-advocacy, rather than forcing them to adapt in ways that are unnatural or restrictive to them.