Colour My World Therapy Services

About Us

Originally established as a family-run psychology practice, Colour My World Therapy Services is evolving into a not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting the neurodivergent community. Our foundation is deeply rooted in family values, with our founders, Toni and Courtney, at the helm.

Toni, serving as our Clinical Director, actively provides psychology services to children, adolescents and adults, combining her extensive expertise with a compassionate approach to care. Courtney manages administrative tasks and also contributes to support work, adding a personal touch to our broad range of services.

At Colour My World, we are dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable and confidential environment, striving to meet every individual’s unique needs while respecting and valuing their circumstances and cultural backgrounds.

Toni Tomlin

Clinical Director & Registered Psychologist

Toni Tomlin brings over 25 years of experience as a registered psychologist to her role as Clinical Director at Colour My World Therapy Services. Her background encompasses a wide range of psychological practices, with significant contributions to various educational and therapeutic settings. She holds a Bachelor of Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Master of Business Administration, and a Graduate Certificate in Autism Diagnosis from the University of Western Australia.

Toni’s expertise extends to working closely with clients dealing with autism and ADHD, where she channels her passion for understanding and assisting those who are neurodivergent. Her approach is client-centred, focusing on understanding each individual’s unique challenges and strengths to provide tailored support and guidance.

Beyond her clinical work, Toni’s leadership and commitment to the field have shaped the values and direction of our organisation. Her dedication to enhancing the lives of her clients is evident in every aspect of her practice, from therapy sessions to her role in guiding our team.

Issy Bailey

Registered Psychologist

Issy completed her Bachelor’s in Psychology at Curtin University and has worked in many mental skills areas as a Psychologist including psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation, community, and sport focused settings. With a deep passion for sport and mindfulness, Issy thrives on helping athletes and other performance focused individuals in achieving their best in sport, education, work and life.

Throughout Issy’s younger years she invested over 10 years in training and playing tennis from the age of 5 to 18. She has represented Western Australia in tennis and played professionally throughout her years and even trained over in France! This high-performance environment, as well as her experiences as a coach, helped build a solid awareness of what mental skills are needed to perform at ones best!

Through her volunteering roles and her work as a psychologist, Issy has experience supporting children, adolescents and adults. Issy can assist you find practical skills to improve your wellbeing, or she can create a safe space for you to share your experiences so you can feel heard and supported. Issy also has a keen interest in helping you increase your motivation to achieve goals, assisting in managing emotions and helping you get closer to living a purposeful life.