Couple & Family councelling

Too often, we see parents burnt out, frustrated, and overwhelmed by daily life. They find themselves looking at their families thinking, “This is not how it is supposed to be.”

While your family might be a far cry from what you imagined it would be, we can work with you to shift your perspective and help you love your beautiful family, just the way it is.

Couples Therapy

Life stress, job stress, family stress — it all builds up and takes a toll on our relationship. 

The psychologist at Colour My World will develop a custom therapy program that takes a strength-based approach, going back to the very foundation of your relationship.

Our couple’s therapy provides you and your partner with the opportunity to rebuild, the chance to create something more resilient and more beautiful than what once was.

The first step is to schedule your initial intake session.

We recommend weekly 50-minute sessions to develop that strong foundation.

Your psychologist is always available to you via text, email or phone call in between sessions should you find yourself needing additional support.